Geo Tracks

The Geo Tracks have been manufactured from super tough industrial strengh sheeting.


Super robust and durable, they can hold weight in excess of 50 tons and are able to flex to uneaven terrain, yet still maintain their shape and function.


Each Geo Track is 2000mm x 1000mm x 12mm. They can be connected in a liner road function or together to make a "Square"of any shape or dimmension.


Geo Tracks make traveling over Mud, Sand or grassy lawns a breeze for all types of vehicles and reduce enviromental damage and repair costs.

4 Point connector.

This connector is used to join the coners of four matts together.

The matts are laid ontop of the plate and the 10mm threaded bars slip though the pre drilled holes in the matts.

A nut and washer are used to clap the matts into place.

The + shaped flat bars in the plate holds the mats in position, keeping each matt at 90 deg angles to each other.

2 Point connector.

This connector is used to join two sheets when making up a running track. This application is used for twin track roads or pedestrian walkways.

Again the flat upright plate is used to keep the matts alighed with each other